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PETAL Network presents at 2017 ATS Conference

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On May 19th, PETAL Network investigators presented an update on the Network's activities to attendees of the American Thoracic Society's 2017 International Meeting held in Washington DC.

Target Audience

Practicing critical care and emergency medicine clinicians and clinical researchers would benefit from this session. This includes fellows, students, nurses, and other medical professionals. Persons interested in clinical trial design and conduct would also benefit from this session.


At the conclusion of this session, the participants were able to:
* Understand the goals and structure of the PETAL network
* Understand the questions being addressed in PETAL and outreach efforts of the network
* Have a better understanding of PETAL trial design and conduct including utilization of a central IRB

Highlights from the presentation:

  • Dr. Roy Brower, Steering Committee Chair, presented an overview of the structure of the Network
  • Dr. Michelle Gong, investigator from Montefiore Medical Center, presented the results from the LOTUS-FRUIT Trial
  • Dr. Adit Ginde, investigator from University of Colorado Hospital, presented current results from the Vitamin D to Improve Outcomes by Leveraging Early Treatment (VIOLET) trial
  • Dr. David Huang, investigator from University of Pittsburgh Presbyterian Hospital, presented the PETAL Nework's new trial: Crystalloid Liberal or Vasopressors Early Resuscitation in Sepsis (CLOVERS)

PETAL investigators received constructive feedback from the audience, including new ideas for ancillary studies. We encourage colleagues to engage us through this website with your ideas and suggestions.