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Clinical Centers, Clinical Coordinating Center, Sponsor, & Network Affiliates


We are located across the United States. Roll over a pin to see more information. Unbolded sites are no longer participating.

<strong>PACIFIC NORTHWEST</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>Harborview Medical Center</strong>, <em>Seattle, WA</em><br/>
            <strong>University of Washington Medical Center</strong>, <em>Seattle, WA</em><br/>
            <strong>Swedish Hospital First Hill</strong>, <em>Seattle, WA</em><br/>
            <strong>Swedish Hospital Cherry Hill</strong>, <em>Seattle, WA</em><br/>
            <strong>Oregon Health and Sciences University</strong>, <em>Portland, OR</em><br/>
            <strong>Providence Portland MC</strong>, <em>Portland, OR</em> <strong>CALIFORNIA</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>UCSF San Francisco</strong>,<br /> <em>San Francisco, CA</em><br/>
            <strong>UCSF Fresno</strong>, <em>Fresno, CA</em><br/>
            <strong>UC Davis</strong>, <em>Davis, CA</em><br/>
            <strong>Stanford University Hospital</strong>, <em>Stanford, CA</em><br/>
            <strong>UCLA</strong>, <em>Los Angeles, CA</em><br/>
            <strong>U Texas Health Science Center</strong>, <em>Houston, TX</em> <strong>UTAH</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>Intermountain Medical Center</strong>, <em>Murray, UT</em><br/>
            <strong>LDS Hospital</strong>, <em>Salt Lake City, UT</em><br/>
            <strong>McKay-Dee Hospital</strong>, <em>Ogden, UT</em><br/>
            <strong>Utah Valley Regional Medical Center</strong>, <em>Provo, UT</em><br/>
            <strong>University of Utah Hospital</strong>, <br /><em>Salt Lake City, UT</em> <strong>COLORADO</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>Medical Center of Aurora</strong>, <em>Aurora, CO</em><br/>
            <strong>Swedish Medical Center</strong>, <em>Englewood, CO</em><br/>
            <strong>Denver Health Medical Center</strong>, <em>Denver, CO</em><br/>
            <strong>University of Colorado Hospital</strong>, <em>Aurora, CO</em><br/> 
            <strong>St. Joseph's</strong>, <em>Denver, CO</em><br/>
            Rose Medical Center, <em>Denver, CO</em> <strong>MICHIGAN</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>University of Michigan Medical Center</strong>, <em>Ann Arbor, MI</em><br/>
            <strong>Henry Ford Medical Center</strong>, <em>Detriot, MI</em><br/>
            <strong>IU Health Methodist Hospital</strong>, <em>Indianapolis, IN</em><br/>
            <strong>Wayne State University</strong>, <em>Detroit, MI</em> <strong>OHIO</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>Cleveland Clinic Foundation</strong>, <em>Cleveland, OH</em><br/>
            <strong>Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center</strong>, <em>Columbus, OH</em><br/>
            <strong>University of Cincinnati Medical Center</strong>, <em>Cincinnati, OH</em><br/>
            <strong>Summa Akron City Hospital</strong>, <em>Akron, OH</em><br/>
            <strong>OSU University Hospital East</strong>, <em>Columbus, OH </em><br/>
            <strong>Northwestern Memorial Hospital</strong>, <em>Chicago, IL</em> <strong>VANDERBILT</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>Vanderbilt University Medical Center</strong>, <em>Nashville, TN</em><br/>
            <strong>University Medical Center</strong>, <br /><em>New Orleans, LA</em><br/>
            <strong>UNC Medical Center</strong>, <em>Chapel Hill, NC</em><br/>
            <strong>Duke University Medical Center</strong>, <em>Durham, NC</em> <strong>SOUTHEAST</strong><br><br/>
            <strong>Wake Forest Baptist Health</strong>, <em>Winston-Salem, NC </em><br/>
            <strong>University of Virginia Medical Center</strong>, <em>Charlottesville, VA</em><br/>
            <strong>VCU Medical Center</strong>, <br /><em>Richmond, VA</em><br/>
            <strong>University of Kentucky</strong>, <em> Lexington, KY </em><br/>
            <strong>Medical University of South Carolina</strong>, <em>Charleston, SC</em><br/>
            Cone Health,<em>Greensboro, NC</em><br/>
            Wesley Long Hospital,<em>Greensboro, NC</em> <strong>PITTSBURGH</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>UPMC Presbyterian</strong>, <br /><em>Pittsburgh, PA</em><br/>
            <strong>UPMC Mercy</strong>, <em>Pittsburgh, PA</em><br/>
            <strong>UPMC Shadyside</strong>, <em>Pittsburgh, PA</em><br/>
            <strong>Penn State Hershey Medical Center</strong>, <em>Hershey, PA</em><br/>
            <strong>UPMC Magee</strong>, <em>Pittsburgh, PA</em><br/>
            <strong>Temple University Hospital</strong>, <em>Philadelpia, PA</em> <strong>ALIGNE</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>Baystate Medical Center</strong>, <em>Springfield, MA</em><br/>
            <strong>Tufts Medical Center</strong>, <em>Boston, MA</em><br/>
            <strong>Brigham and Women's Hospital</strong>, <em>Boston, MA</em><br/>
            <strong>Maine Medical Center</strong>, <br /><em>Portland, ME</em><br/>
            <strong>Yale New Haven Hosptial</strong>, <em>New Haven, CT</em><br/>
            <strong>University of Florida Health</strong>, <em>Gainesville, FL</em> <strong>MONTEFIORE-SINAI CLINICAL CENTER</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>Montefiore Moses</strong>, <br /><em>New York, NY</em><br/>
            <strong>Mt. Sinai Hospital</strong>, <em>New York, NY</em><br/>
            <strong>Montefiore North</strong>, <em>New York, NY</em><br/>
            <strong>Montefiore Weiler</strong>, <em>New York, NY</em><br/>
            <strong>University of Arizona</strong>, <em>Tuscon, AZ</em> <strong>BOSTON</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>Beth Israel Medical Center</strong>, <em>Boston, MA</em><br/>
            <strong>Massachusetts General Hospital</strong>, <em>Boston, MA</em><br/>
            <strong>St. Vincent Hospital</strong>, <em>Worcester, MA</em><br/>
            <strong>University of Mississippi Medical Center</strong>, <em>Jackson, MS</em><br/>
            <strong>University of Minnesota Medical Center</strong>, <em>Minneapolis, MN</em><br/>
            <strong>Hennepin County Medical Center</strong>, <em>Minneapolis, MN</em> <strong>CLINICAL COORDINATING CENTER</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>Massachusetts General Hospital</strong>, <em>Boston, MA</em> <strong>PETAL NETWORK CHAIR</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>Johns Hopkins Hospital</strong>, <em>Baltimore, MD</em> <strong>FUNDING SOURCE</strong><br/><br/>
            <strong>NIH</strong>, <em>Bethesda, MD</em>

ALIGNE Clinical Center

Baystate Medical Center (Springfield, MA)
Maine Medical Center (Portland, ME)
Tufts Medical Center (Boston, MA)
University of Florida Health (Gainesville, FL)
Yale New Haven Hospital (New Haven, CT)

Boston Clinical Center

California Clinical Center

UCSF San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
UC Davis (Davis, CA)
UCSF Fresno (Fresno, CA)

Clinical Coordinating Center

All Sites

Colorado Clinical Center

Medical Center of the Rockies (Lovegood, CO)
Rose Medical Center (Denver, CO)
St. Joseph Hospital (Denver, CO)

Funding Source

NHLBI (Bethesda, MD)

Michigan Clinical Center

Detroit Receiving Hospital (Detroit, MI)
Harper University Hospital
IU Health Methodist Hospital (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Sinai-Grace Hospital
Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)

Montefiore-Sinai Clinical Center

Montefiore Moses (New York, NY)
Montefiore North (New York, NY)
Montefiore Weiler (New York, NY)
Mt. Sinai Hospital (New York, NY)
University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)

Network Affiliates

University Health Network (Toronto, Ontario)

Ohio Clinical Center

Outside Committees

International Advisory Committee (IAC)
Protocol Review Committee

Pacific Northwest Clinical Center

PETAL Network Chair

Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD)

Pittsburgh Clinical Center

UPMC Presbyterian (Pittsburgh, PA)
Temple University Hospital (Philadelphia, PA)
UPMC Magee (Pittsburgh, PA)
UPMC Mercy (Pittsburgh, PA)
UPMC Shadyside (Pittsburgh, PA)

Southeast Clinical Center

Wake Forest Baptist Health (Winston-Salem, NC)
Carolinas Medical Center
Moses Cone Hospital (Greensboro, NC)
U. Virginia Medical Center (Charlottesville, VA)
University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
VCU Medical Center (Richmond, VA)
Wesley Long Hospital (Greensboro, NC)

Utah Clinical Center

LDS Hospital (Salt Lake City, UT)
McKay-Dee Hospital (Ogden, UT)
University of Utah Hospital (Salt Lake City, UT)

Vanderbilt Clinical Center